Saturday, July 15, 2006


Yet another update!
We had a show at the Veggie-plex in Phily. There was a decent turnout and we met up with Fake Your Death, an awesome band out of Northern Jersey. We were also fortunate to get to play with them again at Nicolette Skate Park in Maryland. After the Veggie-plex, we had a day off which both bands spent at Jon's. We hung around, played some beer pong, and had a BBQ. Then it was back on the road. We ran into some rough driving due to road blocks, mapquest, and Deleware's insane $5 tolls. I ended up with an insane truckers tan which still remains. The Nicolette Skate park was a cool venue. The sound guy, Fred, was kind enough to let us stay in his house and use his 17 person hot tub. We drove through the night and got motel rooms in Mariette, Ohio. Sadly, Lexsis Jump's van, lovingly called the "Blue Mamba," dropped its drive shaft on the highway. Everyone is safe and sound, however the tour was cut short for LJ. We went ahead and played the show in Mariette. We had another night drive though this time, we slept in the van at a truck stop. We then made our way towards Radford, VA. We arrived around noon and the show wasn't scheduled to kick off until 8 PM. We wandered around the town of Radford for a while and then, finding not much to do, we tracked down the Radford University student center. Justin and Dan had a nice little nap while the rest of us watched Animal Planet and played video games on Jack's laptop. After a few hours, Jack and Justin went to get food while Dan, Walter, and I went bowling in the student center game room. After we were done killing time, we went back to the venue and played. Although the crowd didn't seem into the music, it turned out to be our best show to date with merch sales. After the show, a group of girls decided to buy us ice cream and pay for our beer. We immediately took them up on the offer. The guitar player in the other band got in touch with his brother arranged for us to crash at his apartment. We are now on our way to Virginia Beach and the home stretch of our tour.
Ryan - OWC

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Days 17-19

Hey, just another quick update.
The show at the Kave in Bangor, Maine went awesome. The venue was probably one of the coolest places I've ever been / played at in my life. The venue was basically a Maine version of the Toms River Show Shed except on steroids. The place was about the size of a large barn and was tagged wall to wall with bands that have come through including tons of awesome bands like Comeback Kid, With Honor, Hatebreed, etc. The owner and operator Kathy was one of the coolest people we've met all tour. She cooked us some delicious homemade brick oven pizza, cheesy breadsticks, and gave us plenty of drink as well. The bands we played with were also all awesome and nice guys. There were 2 drawbacks to the evening however. First, was the atomic mosquitoes that were feeding on our flesh for the duration of the evening (especially Walter, who was bit on stage in the middle of our set) and second was the fact that we had to leave at 1 AM and drive about 10 hours straight to our next destination in Warminster, PA.
Warminster was fun, we hung out and played in our friend Dennis' backyard at a pre-4th of July party, which was a blast. Josh and Dan were beer pong champions, dethroning the once-dynasty of Jim and Ryan. Josh and Dan reigned supreme until they were defeated by Dennis' mom and step dad, which was quite a blow to the egos of team JoshDan.
That night we headed home and slept in our own beds in Toms River and readied Dan's house for the 4th of July Shed Show. The show itself went over amazingly; the rain held out, there was a great turnout, the food was all eaten, and every band sounded awesome (if you get a chance check out these bands, they all rocked it: Colony, C02, Seasick, Static Radio, and Giving Chase). The after-party festivities also were quite fun, there was a fire, flip cup, and even some beer pong, which, once again, team JoshDan reigned supreme.
The next show was at the Rotunda in Philadelphia. All the bands sounded great, especially In First Person, check em out, they are all genius musicians and went you put it all together they have created something so unique, awesome, and overall just plain rocking.
Tonight's show is in New York City at the Lit Lounge, which we are about to leave for in the next hour.
We promise we will have pictures up from the past shows within the next two days.

Dan / OWC

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Days 13-17

Hey all,
We haven't posted in a while due to the fact that we haven't been able to get internet access. Jack's laptop charger crapped out on us and we haven't been able to use his satellite internet connection that we have been so luxuriously enjoying for half the tour. Anyway, here's whats been going on the past few days.
Day 13 was another day off for us, so we sat around Niagra for half the day, reading books, watching Lewis playing his HoneyTone Amplifier in the middle of the street, and other odd ball things such as this. We left that night for our next show which was in Burlington, VT. Unfortunately, the main interstate that we needed to cross the state of New York was massively flooded. We ended up trying to navigate another way only to run into some more flooding on side roads. This, unforetunately, ended in both bands sleeping in the vans in the parking lot of a random Wal-Mart, and waiting for the roads to clear.
Day 14 was our show at 242 Main in Burlington, VT. The show went really well, there was a sweet turnout and we met another energtic group of kids who made our night. Also, the venue we played was especially awesome, a small punk rock dive club with a great sound system. The town of Burlington was also great to us, it's a nice oasis in the mountains of Vermont with a handful of cool shops and and sights to see.
Day 15 was in Chester, VT. We pulled up to the show and we didn't think anyone could possibly come out, we were in a town that looked like something out of the 50's. Before the show, we found a soccer field and played a great game a frisbee and kicked a soccer ball around. As the show began, a bunch of kids rolled up from nowhere, and the basement that was The Underground quickly became packed. The show went really well, and Pat from Claremont, NH was cool enough to let us stay at his apartment not far from Chester.
Day 16 was supposed to be another day off, but Pat (big thanks!) ended up getting us on a show in the middle of the woods in New Hampshire. We played in a wooden garage that had a ridiculously amazing sound system. About 100 people showed up, and the show was awesome, with Lexsis Jumps giving an especially extreme performance. After the show we drove 1/2 way to our next destination - Bangor, Maine, and thats where I am now, in a Fairfield Inn.

Thats it for now, the tour is going awesome and we are all having a blast.
Can't wait for the Shed show..
-Dan / OWC

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Days 11 & 12

The past few days have been quite awesome. On Day 11, we finally got to leave the Meadville, Pennsylvania area after using it as our home base for about 3 days. Everyone in the band was quite ecstatic. However, shortly after pulling onto the highway we heard our air conditioning belt snap, which proceeded to throw our Serpentine Belt, the main belt for the engine, off track. The belt frayed 1/4 of the way through and we had to pull over, where Justin proceeded to cut off the frayed piece of belt and repair the schism with duct tape. We then got back onto the road and off the next exit and luckily found an Auto Zone, where we bought a new belt and Justin put it on within minutes...the whole delay lasted about an hour.
Unfortunately, we were now very late for the show. We called ahead and Josh of Lexsis Jumps gave the club owner our situation, and it basically came down to whether or not we could reach Niagra in time to play our set. We floored it down the highway (not speeding too heavily of course) and barely made the show, which was easily one of the best of the tour. A bunch of kids came out to the club and danced non-stop through the set. All in all, the night was extremely fun.

We stayed overnight at a friend's place in Niagra (many thanks to John for the place to stay) and on our day off we all ventured into Canada, visited the falls, ate some good food, gambled some money away, and came back across the border (Walter barely made it back, we think the border patrol suspected him a member of the KGB) a much happier bunch.

Pictures will be up as soon as we get on a connection that will allow us to upload the files.

Thats it for now,
Dan / OWC

Monday, June 26, 2006

Days 7-10

Hey, just a quick update from the road. In the last few days we got put on a basement show in Mars, Pennsylvania (big thanks to the Shuttlecocks for the hookup and the hospitality), played the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Broadway Joe's Bar in Buffalo, and Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh. All the shows were fun and pictures will be put up as soon as we can get a good internet connection. We've met a bunch of cool people and bands, almost ran out of gas coming home from Buffalo, got cursed out by an old lady in the streets of Cleveland, and have been using Lexsis Josh's house in Meadville as our base of operations for the last few days. Tomorrow we are heading out to Niagra Falls, NY and we are gonna hang out in Canada and see the sights.

We'll leave off here with a couple memorable quotes from our travels thus far....
"Move that fuckin thing!" -Crazy Lady in Cleveland
"Lost my voice to One Win Choice....never have i ever!!!" - Crazy Lady in Cleveland (after yelling at me in the streets)
"I heard New Jersey is pretty polluted" -Meadville Milton
"It's not that bad..." - Jack (in response to Milton, who then proceeded to insist that he heard New Jersey was pretty polluted, and Jack insisted that "It's not that bad." .....this continued for another 60 seconds)
"Hurry up Josh, we ain't got time to fuck around with your boo-boo." Doc Cohen (Josh's Dad) yelling at Lexsis Josh after running into his house to grab band-aids for his injured knuckles.
"Ambient Murder Noise" -New genre coined by Jack after witnessing the hell that was Crystal Star (on tour from Tallahasee)
"Purple means kill" - Lexsis Lou
"We're hafta watch Harry Potter 4....just for the extra sacrilege." -Dan after hearing that Jack's great aunt didn't approve of the Harry Potter series due to its anti-Christian content.
"What are you deaf!" & "How does it feel to want?" - Surly sound guy at the Grog Shop in response to requests concerning more vocal in the monitor during the Years of Fire set.

Thats it for now, we'll update the picture site as soon as we get access to a faster internet connection...
-Dan / OWC

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Days 5 and 6

Tuesdays show at the Howell House of Opera was probably one of the most fun shows yet. Everyone there, aside from an annoying cap gun shooting kid, was very nice and a lot of fun to play for. Lexsis Jumps sounded exceptionally great and they other bands rocked as well. Thanks to Ashley and the rest of the gang at The Opera House for putting us up for the night. We spent a good part of today (wednesday) traveling back to Meadville. We wandered around a bit when we got back and went out for some food before settling in for the night.

Pictures from the last few nights have been added. A couple pictures from the Modern Exchange House and a whole bunch from the Opera House. Thanks to Josh for taking all the pictures for us every night. I'm going to try to get some of their pics up within a day or two. Here's the link again -

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 3 & 4

The last two days have been quite interesting. On Sunday we played on the Bowling Green University Campus in Bowling Green, OH. It was easily the strangest show we have ever played, and most likely will be for the rest of our lives. Long story short, the second "band" was a dude on tour from Tallahasee, FL who "played" guitar. He actually just made random echo noises with the guitar while a television set played scary and disturbing images. This went on for about half an hour straight. Then the next "band" consisted of the same style of "music" with simply 3 guitars and a "drummer." They each took turns "playing" different instruments by hitting them against things and/or throwing them. However, they had two extra members in the band: Batman and Superman. They both did karate with each other and played maraccas, velcro, and any other thing that may make noise. Please see the pictures for more details.
Last night we ended up getting to hop on a show in Southgate, MI at the last minute. One of the dudes who ran the show was nice enough to put us up for the night and let us take showers in an abandoned house in Taylor, MI. Unofortunetaly Josh from Lexsis Jumps had to be rushed to the hospital after the show due to what was thought to be appendicitis. After 5 hours in the ER, morphine, and a catscan the doctors still didn't know what was wrong with him and he was discharged with painkillers. On a better note, Dan brought two pillows into the hospital with him while waiting for Josh (one for his head, one for his feet). Dan noticed a homeless man wandering around the hospital eyeing him up. After waking from a nap in the hospital waiting room, Dan found that the homeless guy was nowhere to be found, as well as one of the pillows he brough in with him. The pillow was Tierney's. For the next 25 days of tour Tierney will be forced to live pillow-less...excellent.
Thats all for now, we're heading out soon for the show tonight in Howell, MI. We'll post the pictures soon, so be sure to check them out.